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 ; ; ; ; This trend has ups and downs, long and short. Hello, coin friend. I'm Ling Yun. Based on five years of operating experience in the coin industry, I focus on analyzing daily trends. cover[BTC

Today is2021year5month18Sunday Tuesday

&The trend has ups and downs, and the length of vicissitudes is changing. Hello, friends. I'm Ling Yun. Based on five years of operating experience in the coin circle, I pay attention to and carefully analyze the daily trends, including[BTC eth BNB Doge XRP dot BCH LTC fil EOS Shib]。 Thank you for your attention, praise and comments. I hope this will help you understand the market.


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&The news shows that Wal Mart is buying bitcoin and may5month18The news was announced in the first quarter financial report around the th.

&Ethereum's first quarter data show that the total transaction cost of Ethereum is17Billion dollars, up from the same period last year800Million dollars increased200Times. The total amount of transactions on the chain reached7130Billion dollars, up from the same period last year330$billion increase20Times. Daily active usersCHED607000, higher than the same period last year364000, year-on-year growth71%。


&Yesterday, bitcoin continued to fluctuate in a low and narrow range and walked out of the bottom market again.42000The first line is supported, with a technical double bottom support attitude, but this position does not seem to have much bull market capacity. While constantly creating low points, the market share has also decreased significantly, and the new low in the past three years has indeed brought a huge test to the bull market. The panic index hovered at20Around, this is already a very low position. Sentiment is expected to pick up in the next few days. When the market heats up again, there will be a new market wave.

&Starting from the current daily line, the correction of multiple trading days has completely released the short momentum, which is somewhat similar to the previous sharp downward trend. Today's daily line is risingTD9, the relative bearish mood will be relieved and bulls will have the opportunity to fight back. At present, they are still concerned46500Average suppression of lines. If the volume can be changed, it's not difficult to touch.


&In a short time4Within hours, it crossedma10And start turning up. Brin with the moderation. At present, the upward performance is consistent with previous expectations. It is not difficult to see that this is the focus of attention in recent days. Overall, the downward trend is not over. If ItUnable to successfully break through within days46500The dollar may continue to fall to test bottom support. The overall trend is relatively volatile, the contract can be involved at a lower level, and it is not recommended to increase holdings in spot.

&Generally speaking, this correction may be used to flush out excessive leverage and foam, and obtain greater returns in the future. But the longer the disk, the greater the trend, and the impact will be far-reaching. Therefore, this month will be an important month to test whether bulls still exist.


&Yesterday, someone mentionedethIt is very necessary for the station to go to the medium rail transit, but the main force does not operate more, which shows thatethIt may take some time to fluctuate. past timesethStrong performance before the market, but this large-scale correction has greatly hindered the aging of market vitality, which is basically at a high level and relatively pessimistic; However, I also hope you can give the market confidence. Whether the follow-up direction is correct still depends on4000Dollar level.

&From the daily line, it is not fully confirmed that it has left the risk area. Daily medium rail3500Interruption is a key signal, so it is very important for prices to remain on the medium track in the coming days. After standing firm, it will affect3750Location. Of course, ifpricIf touchede, the trend will still retreat if the future2-3If there is no obvious upward attack within days, the trend may reverse and focus on3600On the suppression of trading area, in the short term, the market may reverse and chase up and down cautiously.


&stay4Within a short period of hours, the brin belt began to close. After the price rebounded, it wasma120Pressure, and the middle rail arrives3600Line. Therefore, observing the market becomes simpler and clearer. All indicators are consistent with3600Convergence, the trend line is also obvious. This positioniThis is also a long and short line. It is expected to rebound within a day. High pressure levels may refer to4Near the mid hour rail.

&Generally speaking, the operation can maintain concussion, high altitude and low altitude, shrink distance operation, and do not move at the low point3200And high point3600Nearby, the breaking position will have a high level of follow-up direction.

Write at the end

No one can do it once and for all. Don't forget the risk when it's good, and learn to summarize when it's bad. The coin circle market is constantly changing, and sometimes placing orders is inevitable. I hope Lingyun can bring you some help and make you still confused in the market; It can give you a higher state of mind; I'm glad to discuss the future market. Let's work together and live in this bull market for a long time.

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